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Found 1 result

  1. L2OFF Donation Panel & Account Manager with functions for Interlude, Gracia Final, High Five Servers, ADVEXT, VANGANTH extenders. Buy here: https://shop.denart-designs.com/product/l2off-acm-donate/ Payment in easy 5 steps: Login with his player username and password. Select the available donation method. Select the amount of payment. Pay. Automatically recieve the points in game while he is online through delivery system! Features: Protections Can be run in Full SSL automatically if you have a cert POST, GET globals are sanitized SQL Injection protection Invis Google Captcha v3 to check for bots with score SEO & Public management SEO Friendly Google Analytics Code ready Speed Zip Content (faster load) Memory save (unloading global vars) Organized code style Cache on statistics Cache on template Functions Payment methods: Paypal, Paygol, Paysera, G2APay. After payment or cancel the user is redirected back. Forget Password with email confirmation Change Password Register with email confirmation Transfer Balance Points in panel (BETA and configurable) Unlock character (no karma) tp to town Change Clan Name Change Name Change Gender Change Name Color Change Title Color PK Remove Karma Remove Learn All Skills Secret Teleport Statistics: Top PvP, PK, Online, Adena, Grand/Raid-Bosses (alive/dead, spawn time, level), Clans, Castles, Server Status Interlude Bosses (Spawn time, levels) Gracia Final Bosses (NOT DONE) HighFive Bosses (NOT DONE) Settings: Account login log with extra info, Change Password Technologies Drivers available: MSSQL, SQLSRV, PDOMSSQL PHP 5.6 (might have issues), 7.2+ (Builded) Systems Paypal supports sandbox and live Paysera supports sandbox and live G2APay (Sandbox NOT DONE), live only Paygol supports sandbox and live Log System for website and IPN's, Transfers ingame and errors Invalid logins system Debug system Google Analytics Google Captcha v3 with score system (invisible without click) PHPMailer 5.2 to work with legacy PHP versions Methods have payment multiplier for item reward ie. [1E * 100.0] = 100 item count [1E * 150.0] = 150 item count Payment methods has individual currency Fake players percentage Max players ie 10/1000 load Configs Enable/Disable DEBUG Cache settings Fake online multiplier Max players Connection method Database and Server Configs, Multiserver (NOT DONE), Server Name Template name change Enable/Disable NAV menu Enable/Disable Captcha Captcha recheck timer Analitics user Enable/Disable Company info (For G2A) Language (EN, RU is missing translations) Forum link Patch Download link Balance method (Item Delivery, Panel balance) Donate Item name Donate Item ID G2A Configs + Terms activation in footer Paysera Configs + Header verification Paypal Configs Paygol Configs Enable/Disable Unstuck, PK Check on/off, Online Check on/off, Login timer after unstuck, Offline Check on/off Enable/Disable Clan Rename, Price Enable/Disable Player Rename, Price Enable/Disable Gender Change, Price Enable/Disable Name Color Change, Price Enable/Disable Title Color Change, Price COLOR LIST Enable/Disable Karma Remove, Price Enable/Disable PK Remove, Price Enable/Disable Available Skill Learn (Depends on level and class), Price Enable/Disable Secret Teleport, X-Y-Z, Price Enable/Disable Bind IP (NOT DONE) Mail Method SMTP Info and "mail()" functions Enable/Disable Account Activation Max Invalid Login, Login Time prevention, Message Register minimum password requirement (default 4) Required password numbers/letters (default false) Files included Website files SQL Files Interlude Icons Gracia Final Icons HighFive Icons (NOT DONE) Instructions included Requirements L2OFF Platform Extenders: ADVEXT, VANGANTH, Others should work fine with minor edits on query strings propably PHP 5.6(Possible issues) Recommended 7.2+ (builded) Curl (sudo apt-get install curl) Apatche MSSQL/SQLServer Databases Knowledge of Database users (Create/Permissions) there is ready sql file PHP basic knowledge on how to modify config.php Turn on Item Delivery method on your server (and reduce the cycle minutes or the item will not delivered asap) Host or some LAMPP to your server to place the php files Paypal non-buisness account will do *(not mantatory) Paygol buisness account *(not mantatory) Paysera buisness account *(not mantatory) Paygol buisness account *(not mantatory) *(not mantatory explanation) you can make the panel work with Adena or AA or your currency without payment systems. Download this file to test if your host can run SQL Drivers successfully (test.zip) Panel Image Gallery Gallery.zip Buy here: https://shop.denart-designs.com/product/l2off-acm-donate/ Price 150€ 90€