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    Hello, i-Live.eu is a 1 man army that offer free and paid web services. Our support varies, from PC services ( Repairs & IT Support ) to Web Design, Web Build and Web Hosting. PC services Services included but not limited to: • Laptops & Desktops Repair • Hardware & Software Installation • System Upgrade • Purchase advice • Start up problems • Systems Fine Tuning • Data Back Up : Local & Online • Data & Recovery • Hard Drive Disk Wipe • Home network installation • Firewall Setup • Routers & Network Sharing • Internet Setup & Security • Viruses / Spywares Removal • Re-installing Windows Web Design We can design your website from scratch according to your requests. At the end, you will receive our entire source so you can code your website. Web Build Not only we can Design your website, but also build it in php accordingly. Web Hosting We offer two solutions for web hosting. 1. Being part of a web hosting company, with registered office in Montreal, Canada ( RoWebCa ), we provide professional support if you acquire your services from RoWebCa.com website. 2. As an alternative and for better integration, we resell web hosting services cheaper for our Web Build clients via i-Live.eu website.
  2. Welcome to StinkyMadness. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask.